Back in 2019, my dear friend Chamisa had the wonderful idea of bringing together a group of artists to put on a show. Most of us are illustrators in one form or another, and the show grew into a way to experiment beyond our usual workflow, try out new mediums or techniques, and basically explore the limits of illustration in the process.

But as we were furiously working to finish our projects, Covid hit and we were forced, along with everyone else, to put our plans hold. What was going to be an immersive art experience wasn’t feasible right now. In its place comes Adaptation. It’s a window show at Land Gallery. All the pieces are 5″ x 5″ or under and $50. The show opens July 1st. Please stroll by and check it out if you’re in the Portland area!

My piece for the original show, Unnatural Habitats, is called “Paperville.” It’s a tiny mountain town with low-poly trees and glowing houses made mostly of paper and some wire for structure. My Adaptation piece is called “Slice of Paperville.” (Much better to hang on a wall, haha.)

“Slice of Paperville,” cut paper and glue, wooden box